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2019 the year of growth at HSC.

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

There are so any exciting things happening in 2019, for Harrison Sports Chiropractic. To name a few we have a new name, new faces, a new website and new locations. It is our desire to serve our community to the very best of our abilities, so we are striving daily to find better ways to improve our office and to ensure we are offering the very best care, in every way. We want to thank you for trusting in us to help improve your everyday quality of life.

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22 kwi 2019

We are so thankful that you are pleased with your visits at HSC! We hope that we can continue making you feel comfortable and cared for!


22 kwi 2019

I have been seeing Dr Harrison for several years. I was impressed from day one by his use of the old school techniques and treatments. I grew up using a family chiropractor in Anniston and am reminded of those days every time I visit the HSC Clinic.

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