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Meet Our

Health Coaches

Brigett Holmes,

Certified Health Coach



Services offered:


Individual or class settings


Reducing Inflammation

Healthy cooking

Healing the gut

Preventing disease through diet

Reducing stress

Improving sleep



Personal health-finances, relationships, career



 I am a native of Calhoun County where I grew up playing every sport I could, eventually getting a teaching degree from JSU and coaching softball.  Being active and staying in shape have always been priorities in my life, but unfortunately, like most Americans, my diet was not very healthy.  And although I was active, I suffered from digestive issues that plagued me through adulthood.  


After being blessed with three children, my digestive problems grew worse and I could tell that my health was not good. I was also concerned that I would pass my health concerns on to my children.  I had already began studying natural health and functional medicine so looking into nutrition and diet seemed like the next step.  It was then that I began to research and discover the impact of food on my health.  After changing our family’s diet, our bodies were given the chance to heal and my digestive issues began to resolve.  


I have continued my research and education by taking Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and Aromatic Medicine courses from Vintage Remedies, studying under a local naturopath, and by completing my Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  


Teaching, health and helping others are my passions and being a health coach is a way to combine all of those in order to help others attain their health goals.  I love working individually with people to meet them where they are, make a plan and coach them as they reach their goals.  Whether it is maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing inflammation and your risk of disease, improving your diet, becoming more active or some other health goal, I would love to cheer you on and help you reach that goal!  It is such a blessing seeing the quality of life in others improve.  



 Specializes in helping those with symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, autoimmune diseases, people struggling with losing weight,

helping to improve mood, get rid of brain fog, chronic pain and fatigue.

Customizes specific diets for children with behavior issues,

anxiety,  aggression, chronic constipation, picky eating, and sleep issues.

Facilitates group classes on :

How to Quit Sugar, Eating Well on a Budget,

Immune Support  Protocol, Healing the Gut, Reducing

Inflammation, Stress Management, Aromatherapy,

Fresh Vegetable Juicing and Fermenting

Foods and hands on instruction in

making Healthy Snacks.

       I grew up in Clay County, Alabama. My love for taking care of people began early in life. My first job was a nurse assistant throughout high school and early adult years. After the birth of my first child I provided private healthcare assistance. Becoming a mom was and still is my greatest accomplishment. Over the next 6 years I had two more sons. During this time, I started teaching preschool so that I could be with my children. This is when I fell in love with teaching. I loved seeing the difference I made when I invested in educating little growing minds. I later moved to San Diego, California to be with my active duty military husband.

    We had been stationed in California for a few years when we had our fourth son. While in utero we learned that our son had Down Syndrome. At age 2.5 our son was diagnosed with suspected autism, he was primarily nonverbal, we were told that our son was in renal failure, his liver was enlarged, his gall bladder was full of stones, he had two autoimmune diseases, an immune disorder and a list of other medical conditions. Out of desperation and after trying everything each medical professional so far had suggested, we reached out to a naturopath. She helped us see how unhealthy his little gut was from all the medicines he had been on in 2.5 short years of

his life.

  After everything our son had been through we reached out to our friend Dr. Harrison. He felt it would benefit our son’s health and advised us do as the naturopath had recommended, to have him adjusted by a chiropractor. Because we trusted Dr. Harrison, we flew from California to Alabama for our sons first two chiropractic adjustments. With all the changes we had made in his diet, healing his gut, and regular chiropractic adjustments we quickly noticed significant improvements in our son’s health. Over the next two years I was blessed to have the

opportunity to work with some amazing naturopaths, nutritionists and other medical professionals.


When my husband retired from the Navy, we moved back to Alabama to be closer to our families. During this time, I became certified as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Furthering my education, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. I have been equipped with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.


   I treasure every moment of being a mom and wife. I still call all four of my sons my babies even though their ages are now 23, 19, 16 and 6. I have one son serving in the US Navy, one enrolled in Business at Auburn University, one in high school, and one home schooled. As proud as I am of all of their accomplishments so far, I am equally proud that they have been through this healing journey with us. They will forever understand how to honor their bodies through the foods they eat and they know that their greatest wealth is health.

Janet Ford,

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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