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                E. PATRICK HARRISON, A.S., D.C. treats all types of Chiropractic related sport injuries incurred while on the court, field or other playing arenas. 
While specializing in sport related injuries, Dr. Harrison also routinely sees patients with the following issues: headaches, migraines, low back pain, Stiff necks (cricks), back pain due to pregnancy, various infant and child misalignments caused by the birth process (Colic, jaundice, regurgitation, torticollis and constipation), injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, various spinal pain due to yard work, plantar fasciitis, & shoulder pain from data entry due to occupation.

      My name is Patrick Harrison, I am a native of Selma, Alabama, where I lived the first twenty years of my life. I grew up there, a small town boy, raised by my Mother and Great Uncle on a farm. I have been adjusted all of my life and was adjusted often after being diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis at 15 months old. I was one of eight Meningitis cases which were quarantined and was the only child to live out of the eight. Through the years, it peaked my interest as to why or how Chiropractic care could have helped my body fight through such an issue. 
       So for that reason, during my 10th grade year at Meadowview Christian High School, I decided to focus on becoming a Chiropractor as my profession.
In 1990, I began Pre-Med undergraduate studies at Wallace Community College of Selma, while playing on a Baseball Scholarship. When graduating from WCCS, I had to make a tough decision between two very prestigious Chiropractic colleges. One located in Davenport Iowa and the other in nearby Marietta, Georgia.
My small-town, Southern-boy-roots pointed me to the closer of the two, Life University.
Upon graduating Chiropractic College in 1997, I moved to the Oxford area to begin my dream and career. 
   In July of 2004, I delivered my kindhearted and ambitious son Hayes into the world and in September of 2016 God delivered three girls into my world: My irreplaceable, blessing of a wife Kristi, my Servant hearted 14 year old Danica, and my full of energy and love, 9 year old, Roxy. Our daily routine is tiring and at times trying to say the least. 
I own four practices located in Anniston, Ashland, Jacksonville, and Pell City. I also have the honor of being the Athletics Chiropractor for Jacksonville State University.
I consider what I do daily, not a job, but an opportunity to help improve people’s quality of life through the gift(s) my Lord and Savior has given to me.
You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. - Dr. B.J. Palmer

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